Vegan Friendly Witches Going To Coast Gifts, Mousehole, Cornwall

Being creative is about having fun and pushing boundaries. We always love a challenge, and more recently Coast Gifts in Mousehole, Cornwall where we supply mermaids and faeries asked us to create vegan friendly witches.

So out came the carding machine, sparkle and a variety of non animal fibres to produce plant fibre batts to use. Such fun! Let’s see how they sell and if successful, more will follow to Coast gifts.

New Stockist in Cleethorpes

We are delighted to announce we have a new stockist of our needle felted creations in Cobweb Crafts, 1a Highstreet, Cleethorpes, DN35 8LA.

They’ve just taken delivery of mermaids, maidens, fairies, witches, hares and pictures! So lets see how it goes over the next few months…fingers crossed!

New stockist: The Craft Kiln in Charlestown, Cornwall

We have sourced a lovely local stockist in Charlestown, called The Craft Kiln. I just happened to be visiting for lunch and saw they were looking for new suppliers.

I have a shelf space, near the front door and the window area where you can the mermaids and faeries floating. The shelf space will be displaying our witches, wizards, maidens and hares. I plan to visit each month to keep it fresh and appealing!

So far, they have been selling wonderfully well which is really exciting and rewarding.

Wizards to accompany the ladies


Wizards are now back in stock, its certainly been a while. This year 2019 we plan to create them with a wider selection of colours.

I like to use, natural items where possible and have been each combing on our Cornish beaches for the wooden staves.

My partner Julian has been allocated chief wood cutter and has been cutting the wooden discs, which you’ll notice some of them stand upon upon! I’ll have to rethink when the wood supply gets too low and we freeze! ?.

The witches are back…

The magical witches will be making a comeback this January, each one will remain individual and unique. All have been needle felted, and inspiration for decoration comes from our surroundings and the seasons.

We do accept commissions and January is usually the quietest month before its starts to get busy again. We now supply a few shops so this takes some of our time and family commitments.

We have recently sourced some local wool suppliers, as where possible we like to support local businesses. The introduction of a new carding machine has brought some excitement to the household. Now we can blend any colour we wish, adding silks, wools and sparkles which gives you something totally unique.