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  • I've bought a few Faeries & a witch from these beautiful people. I'll start with the witch - she was absolutely amazing - sparkly & cute (yes a cute witch!) Very detailed & just right. The Faeries each have their own uniqueness to them but each are stunning. They have a peace & tranquillity to them. Beautifully made with love & care. I can't praise or thank enough.... � xxx

    Cathy - Witch and Fairy

  • My angels arrived to day, they r so beautiful and a perfect piece in memory of my mum and daughter, thank u so much for taking the time to get them just right. They honestly couldn't have been any better, I will treasure them X

    Claudice - Custom Made Fairies

  • I wanted to let you know I have received my fairies in the mail and I love them! I gave my grandma's her's early, and she loves her. I just adore the one named Love, she looks so peaceful. Thank you so much and keep up the good work.

    Sarah (America) - Fairies and Angels