Sarah (Believe)


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Please note she is already made and therefore we only have one available.

Needle felted in Cornwall by mother and daughter, Pam and Tamsyn.

Sara has a pastel pink, lilac and green wool dress sparkling with a sprinkle of opal glitter. A glittering white butterfly is upon her dress leaving a trail of sparkling embellishments.

Sara holds onto a pretty pink rose in one hand , and from the other drops an angel shaped charm engraved with Believe.  On her bodice a heart sparkles.

Sara has blond hair decorated with pink sparkles. Her wings have been made with wool and white feathers.

She floats from a clear thread.

Her approximate measurements are

Length: 21cms
Width of wings: 15cms
Thread length: 18cms

Please be aware she is not a toy but a home decoration for display inside the house.

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