Bella, The Tooth Fairy’s Helper


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* Please note she is already made and therefore we only have one available*

The tooth fairy’s Helper keeps the little tooth safe in her pouch to pass to the tooth fairy when she pays her nightly visit. The little coin, which is offered in return can be placed into her pouch for the sleeping child.

The tooth fairy helper wears a dress of pale pink coloured wools, with a blend lilac coloured wools over a white underskirt. She has a white cord around her waist, and little sparkling embellishments on the front of her dress. Little pink blossom flowers sit in between each sparkle. Her bodice sparkles with purple sequins and a purple blossom flower.

She has pale blond hair with a gem glistening on the side. She has beautiful fluffy baby pink wings, with sparkles and blossom flowers.

Her approximate measurements are:

Length (not including the clear thread): 20 cms

Width of her wings: 15 cms

Clear thread length: 20 cms

The wool fairy floats from a clear thread.

This wool fairy is intended for use as a decoration, not as a toy. Loose fibres and embellishments may pose a choking hazard to young children still nibbling their toys. Keep away from pets as she may never fly again! She is for indoor use only.

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