Little Magikal Witches Making A Reappearance!

Some of you may remember Pam and I making these a couple of years ago. We have since developed and created upon the idea and we hope you like the result!

They do look wonderful and much better than their photographs. I have the little collection in front of me as I write and each one brings a smile to my face with their own individual personality. Which one represents you?

Free Fairy Giveaway On Our Facebook Page

On our Flower Faeries Bella Facebook page we have a competition running, so don’t forget to visit us and enter. The fairy in the picture will be given to one lucky person who correctly guesses how many peacock feathers we have in the vase!.

We plan more future competitions so do keep an eye out!

Beltane Blessings!

Beltane Blessings to you all! Thank you so much for your wonderful support so far this year from Pam and I. Working self employed is so far very successful and I am loving every minute of it however it is all of you I need to thank as you’ve made it possible!.


Wool Mermaids recently added!

New floating needle felted one of a kind mermaids have just been added onto our website

Each one has been decorated with sea shells from the Cornish shoreline and sparkle beautifully with opal sea glitter.

I only have a limited number available so once they are gone they are gone! They look beautiful in a sea themed room, or if it was me I’d have one floating in the bathroom!